Shubhadhama - A unit of Alva's Health Centre, Moodbidri.

‘Shubhadhama’ is a Holistic treatment centre for any type of Mental Ailments and for De-addiction through major approaches like Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy and homeopathy combined. This centre Caters to most of those Critical and also non Critical Cases like Various drug, smoking and alcohol addictions, Tension, Sleep problems, Reduced memory, Feeling of dullness, Loss of interest in all activities, Lack of energy, Fear, Increased irritability and anger, Fighting behavior, Feeling of crying, Feeling of failure and also Sex related problems. The Approach Is through Organic Approach without using any medications. Located at Moodbidri in a very Serene environment this Centre helps an individual to respond to the treatment faster through Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy and Homeopathy approach.

V Vision: To cater and identify all Individuals who are suffering from Mental Ailments Addictions across the world and help them Cure through organic treatment methods and be a Centre for rejuvenation in their life.

M Mission: To combine non-Allopathic treatment procedures to help individuals who are suffering from Mental Ailments or Addiction to toxics and provide them a better and peaceful lifestyle..